Arkansas Valley Fair (Rocky Ford)

What: Arkansas Valley Fair
Where: Rocky Ford
When: 5 days in mid- to late-August

If you’ve been in Colorado in August, you know “Rocky Ford” is synonymous with the best cantaloupe in the world! Good news: Rocky Ford watermelon is also fantastic. Even better news: The Arkansas Valley Fair, featuring Watermelon Day, has been growing strong since 1878 (yes, we really meant to say 1878, not 1978!!!)

Come enjoy several days of fun, food, and entertainment featuring contests, parades, music, crafts, and (of course) Watermelon. While there are a few special events that require paid tickets, most of the fair events are free. Your kids of any age will have a blast, especially on Kid’s Day. The whole family will delight in the Watermelon madness, including a watermelon seed spitting contest and the dreaded open watermelon pile (on Watermelon Day). Plus, if you love a parade, be sure to show up on Parade Day!

Mmmm-mmmm. This is going to be delicious!

For more information, contact:
Arkansas Valley Fair
P.O. Box 188
Rocky Ford, CO 81067
(719) 254-7723
email: [email protected]