Snow Goose Festival (Lamar)

What: High Plains Snow Goose Festival
Where: Lamar
When: 3 days in mid- to late-February

Snow Goose: Considered to be the most abundant goose in the world. This this is a prime opportunity to view these beautiful white geese by the thousands as they make their travel plans to return to the Arctic from their winter nesting areas.

There is a fee to participate in many of the events of this festival, but there are a number of outstanding activities and presentations which are free. Some of these require that you pre-register, so see the contact information at the bottom of this page. We’ll list a few of the free activities of the 2007 festival — check the website for a current listing.

Jackson’s Pond Tour (Eads) – Hear how the community has planned to save their natural area and wetland. Pre-register by calling (719) 438-2200.

Wildlife tour at John Martin Reservoir State Park – Keep your eyes peeled for raptors including Ferruginous Hawks, Northern Harriers, Red-tailed Hawks, Swainson’s Hawks and Kestrels. With luck, you may also spot Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles and Great Horned Owls.

Wildlife Watch Class â€“ Enhance your outdoors experience by learning how to have more luck in spotting and watching wildlife. This class is being offered by the Division of Wildlife.

Kid Zone â€“ Here’s a fun atmosphere for kids to learn about snow geese and other birds.

For more information, contact:
Lamar Chamber of Commerce
(719) 336-4379
email: [email protected]