Spring Splash (Winter Park)

What: Spring Splash at Winter Park
Where: Winter Park Ski Area
When: Closing day – usually a Sunday in mid-April

Ah, the last day of the ski season! What better way to celebrate than by skiing through an obstacle course and attempting to end the run by water-skiing (on snow skis or a snowboard) across an icy-cold pond!

Unfortunately, it’ll cost you an entry fee to actually participate in this insanity directly. So, why not stay warm and dry and laugh as you watch other people struggle to keep their skis or snowboards on top of the water? Contestants often wear unusual attire to add to the festive atmosphere of this traditional event. You may see skiers in swimsuits, hockey uniforms, Batman costumes, or even a giant, cuddly elk (or was that a moose?).

In another contest, people in decorated cardboard boats demonstrate how poorly cardboard floats once it starts to get soaked.

When you tire of watching the skiers do their thing, enjoy some free live music on the decks of restaurants at the base of the mountain.

Winter Park Ski Area, which opened in 1940, is one of the oldest ski areas in Colorado still operating. The historic Ski Train still brings skiers from Denver most weekends of the winter, traveling through the Moffat Tunnel and depositing passengers at the base of the main lifts.

For more information, contact:
Winter Park Resort
P.O. Box 36
Winter Park, CO 80482

800-979-0332 or 970-726-1564

www.skiwinterpark.com or www.winterparkresort.com
email: [email protected]