Sports Hall of Fame Museum (Denver)

What:  Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum
Where: Denver
When: Thursday through Saturday, 10 AM – 3 PM
(note: Museum may have special hours on Bronco home games and during other special events)

Here in Colorado, we love our sports. And we’ve certainly had our share of great athletes and great people associated with sports here in our home state.

Whether your interest lies with great moments in Colorado sport history, women in sports, or all things “Bronco”, you’ll find plenty to enjoy at the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum. There’s even a display called “MIND – BODY – SPIRIT / THE IMPORTANCE OF SPORTS CONDITIONING” where John Elway and Amy Van Dyken demonstrate (through photos — sorry, they’re not here in person!) how muscle groups work together and provide injury prevention concepts.

There are 6 key characteristics which may qualify someone to be inducted into the Hall of Fame:

Sportsmanship – Leadership – Courage – Sacrifice – Endurance – Power

A few of the inductees you’ll find honored here:

Bobby Anderson, Terrell Davis, Mildred “Babe” Didrickson, Jack Dempsey, Peggy Fleming, Rich “Goose” Gossage, Randy Gradishar, Scott Hamilton, Bill Hanzlik, Hale Irwin, Dan Issel, Billy Kidd, Floyd Little, Karl Mecklenburg, Robert “Red” Miller, Doug Moe, Haven Moses, Dan Reeves, Patrick Roy, Shannon Sharpe, Bill Toomey, Amy Van Dyken, Byron “Whizzer” White (yes, the same Byron White who served as a Supreme Court Justice), and, of course, John Elway.

Pretty impressive, eh?

For more information, contact:
INVESCO Field at Mile High
1701 Bryant St. #500
Denver, CO 80204


Additional directions:
The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame is located at Gate #1 on the west side of INVESCO Field at Mile High. For those of you not familiar with the Denver area, the football stadium is located just west of I-25 and north of Colfax Avenue.

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