Sculpture Trail at Lyons

Late May through late October

Here’s a great combination for you. Take a walk through the picturesque town of Lyons just 20 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park. While you stroll, enjoy over 60 sculptures interspersed among the businesses in the town center, in parks, and along the river. These sculptures aren’t simply entertainment for the eyes; some are also interactive.

This year, sculptures include such intriguing names as “Hall of Tiny Paintings”, a “Digital Sundial” (you provide the digit — a.k.a. your finger), “Consider the Creatures” (which involves a telescope), “The Cheshire Cat”, and “The Egg Cage” where visitors are encouraged to reach into the cage and remove a stone to carry with them. Sculpture names and descriptions can be found here. Check out the great descriptions of Peter Butler’s works.

So, set out from either the Barking Dog Cafe or the Stone Cup Cafe (look for “The Giant Carrot”) and follow this map to wind your way through town.

Although you can certainly have a fun time for free just following the Sculpture Trail, you can also enhance your trip with a $2 guidebook that helps tie the sculptures together with a story and puzzles for you to solve.

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