Redstone Meadery (Boulder)

What:  Redstone Meadery – tour and mead tasting
Where: Boulder
When: Monday – Friday: 1/2 hr tour 1 PM and 3 PM; tasting room open Noon – 6:30 PM;
Saturday: tour 12:30 pm, tasting room open Noon – 5 PM;
Call for private appointment at other times.
Plus: Free live music 2 PM – 5 PM every Saturday from November through April

Ah, Mead! The Nectar of the Gods, the original fermented beverage, Honey Wine. If you’ve never tasted Mead, you’re in for a treat when you visit this award-winning Meadery. Mead can be simply a fermented honey wine, or it can be turned into a champagne alternative with a little carbonation. Or, add fruit (black raspberry, boysenberry, apricot, grape), herbs, spices (vanilla, cinnamon), or other creative flavorings (juniper berry) to produce variations on the original theme.

According to legend and our old English Lit 101 class, Mead was offered to the gods of mythology, it was consumed by Beowulf, and Shakespeare’s character Falstaff enjoyed it regularly. The term “honeymoon” originally referred to the tradition of drinking honey wine for the first month of marriage to ensure the birth of baby boys.

One story of the origin of Mead is that lightning struck a tree with a cavity filled with honey and rain water. Natural wild yeast in the tree was activated, and the honey fermented. Some lucky soul then came to collect the honey, and had an eye-opening experience. As Pete Seeger sang,

“We will pray just like the Druids,
Drinking strange fermented fluids,
Go dancing naked through the woods,
They’re good enough for me.”

In this small, but growing facility, enjoy a very personalized tour where you can explore the entire process of creating Mead. The friendly staff at the Redstone Meadery describe and demonstrate the steps that turn honey, hot water, and yeast into a product that’s a bit like wine, a bit like champagne, and a bit like beer. Their bottling, labeling, and packaging process is mostly by hand; a sharp contrast to the so-fast-it’s-a-blur processes you’ll see at large beer breweries!

After the tour, enjoy tasting the wide variety of Mead products produced here. Feel the love, as the folks here like to say!

For more information, contact:
Redstone Meadery
4700 Pearl Street Unit 2-A
Boulder, CO 80301


Additional directions:
Drive to Boulder, and take Foothills Parkway (County Road 157) to the Pearl Parkway exit. Turn north on 47th Street, which is the frontage road just to the east of Foothills Parkway. Drive one block north on 47th, turn right on Pearl Street, and turn right immediately to enter the parking lot for the building that houses Redstone Meadery.

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