Frozen Dead Guy Days (Nederland)

What: Frozen Dead Guy Days
Where: Nederland
When: 2nd or 3rd weekend in March
Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday

“Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed.” No, we’re not talking about an elderly, eccentric resident of Nederland who refuses to leave his workshop. We’re talking about what most of us would call a deceased Norwegian gentleman named Bredo Morstoel, who passed away in 1989, but is certainly not forgotten. In fact, his grandson, Trygve Bauge, is paying to have dry ice delivered on a regular basis to a Tuff Shed where Grandpa is being cryogenically preserved (according to Trygve, who the INS deported back to Norway after a disagreement about the need for him to have a green card).

At the time of Trygve’s departure, very few people knew Grandpa was on ice in Trygve’s back yard. His mother (Grandpa’s daughter), however, was distressed about her son’s departure, and fretted to a friend, “What am I going to do about the bodies?” Soon, the whole town of Nederland learned that Grandpa and another “cryogenic client” were stored in an old tin shed.

As you can imagine, this news created quite a stir. The family of body number 2 decided to bury their relative in a more traditional manner, but Trygve insisted that Grandpa should remain where he was. A law was passed making it a crime to keep corpses on private property. However, Grandpa was (wait for it…) “Grandfathered in.” A local radio station arranged for a nice, new Tuff Shed for Grandpa, Trygve found a company to continue delivering dry ice to keep Grandpa at a comfy -60º F, and the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days festivities were born!

The schedule varies somewhat from year to year, but perhaps there will be a showing of the hilarious feature-length film, “Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed” (small fee) on Friday night. On Saturday and Sunday, enjoy the Snow Sculpting contest, watch the passing coffins and hearses during the Parade down First Street, cheer on your favorite team in the Coffin Races, or shudder at the lunacy of the people participating in the Polar Plunge for Charity.

There are also art and craft displays, children’s activities, a Frozen Dead Van Smash, snowshoe races, and more. Although there is a fee to actually participate in many of the events, nearly all events are free to watch.

Dress warmly and give our best to Grandpa.

For more information, contact:
Nederland Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 85
Nederland, CO 80466
(800) 221-0044 or (303) 258-3936

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