Central Plains Journey

What: Free admission to 10 historical attractions
Where: Colorado Central Plains
When: Memorial Day through Labor Day (check website for exact dates)

Yes, we have ten — count them — ten unique and interesting museums, parks, rides, and more in eastern Colorado. All free during the summer months. Here’s the secret to free admission: simply download the free “Train Ticket” from Our Journey website, and you’re on your way to a lot of free and fun entertainment.

Here are just a few of the places you’ll discover on your journey to the eastern part of our state:

What: World’s Wonder View Tower
Where: Genoa (east of Limon)
When: Daily, 9 AM to 5 PM

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore. In 1926, P.T. Barnum, C.W. Gregory, and Myrtle Le Bow decided what the eastern plains of Colorado needed was a tower. A tower that would let you see 6 states from the top. A tower that was confirmed, in 1934, to be the highest point between Denver and New York City. A tower that, over the years, has become the focal point of a building that houses such wonders as a museum with two-headed calves, eight-legged pigs, and other surprises.

For those whose interests are a bit less freakish, how about the rock collection with rocks from every state and from all over the world? How about a 75,000 year old Mammoth skeleton? A collection of 20,000 Indian arrowheads? Antique guns? A monument built of petrified coal? We could go on, but words just don’t do this place justice.

What: Kit Carson County Carousel
Where: Burlington
When: Daily, 1 – 8 PM, Memorial Day to Labor Day

This historical Carousel ride was only the 6th one built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, and is the only surviving menagerie carousel from that manufacturer. “Menagerie?” you ask. Yes — instead of a merry-go-round consisting of nothing but horses, this magnificent carousel includes zebras, donkeys, and even a lion!

The carousel and its equally wonderful Wurlitzer Monster Military Band Organ both resided at Elitch Gardens in Denver for a time, but moved to Kit Carson County in 1928. Unlike the fate of so many other historical carousels, this one still boasts its original paintings on both the carousel animals and the decorative paintings.

Come enjoy a 20 minute tour and — here’s the best part — a ride on this beauty!

What: Grampa Jerry’s Clown Museum
Where: Arriba (east of Limon)
When: Daily, 10 AM – 6 PM, Memorial Day to Labor Day


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Clowns, but were afraid to ask! Here you’ll find a multitude of all things Clown.

Clown music boxes, clown whisky decanters, clown coffee cups, clown tea sets, clown drawings by children, a glow-in-the-dark stick-on clown tatoo, a necktie clown, and even a hairball clown. You’ll discover over 3,000 clown-like things at Grampa Jerry’s.

My childhood TV buddy, Bozo the Clown from Denver’s Channel 2 back in the 50’s, even visited the Clown Museum at one time. Now, why doesn’t that surprise me.

Your kids will also enjoy playing on the playground equipment outside the small building.

The 10 free attractions are:
Lincoln County’s Hedlund House Museum â€“ Hugo, CO
Limon Heritage Museum & Railroad Park â€“ Limon, CO
World’s Wonder View Tower â€“ Genoa, CO
Grampa Jerry’s Clown Museum â€“ Arriba, CO
Flagler Hospital Museum & Hal Borland Room â€“ Flagler, CO
Second Central School Museum â€“ Flagler, CO
Kit Carson County Carousel â€“ Burlington, CO
Old Town â€“ Burlington, CO
Kit Carson Museum â€“ Kit Carson, CO
Cheyenne County Museum â€“ Cheyenne Wells, CO

For more information on these attractions, contact:
Prairie Development Corp.
Box 202
Stratton CO 80836

(800) 825-0208

Website: http://www.ourjourney.info/Default.asp

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